SFM Ice Fishing Report for 03.10.2020

We at Sport Fish Michigan have packed away the ice fishing gear with hopes of getting on the open water in the very near future. The 2019/2020 ice season brought some challenging ice conditions and, at times, limited species to pursue. But with a season filled with great customers and a handful of good lakes to take advantage of, we were able to put together another great winter.

In the greater Traverse City Area, the ice conditions have been deteriorating very quickly in the past four days. With the warm temperatures and large amounts of rainfall, we advise that all anglers avoid using machines and or heavy fishing equipment from this point forward. Being that most of the lakes in our guide demographic never really had the chance to form a good base of blue ice, we anticipate the ice becoming unsafe very quickly.

We thank everyone that joined us on the hard water this winter, and we look forward to seeing some very familiar faces on the water this summer. For those of you die-hards looking to sneak in another week of ice, be safe and always let someone know where you will be fishing. Have a great spring, everyone!