SFM Ice Fishing Report 03.06.18

We at Sport Fish Michigan would like to thank all our customers who booked an ice fishing trip this winter; we truly had a great season. We were able to take advantage of an array of species on multiple bodies of water throughout the Traverse City Region. We are looking forward to next years hard water season, and even more so, cannot wait to hit the open water this spring.

The current ice conditions on most lakes in our region have become very inconsistent and unstable with the past two weeks of warming weather, rainfall, and wind. Last night our area was blanketed with 3-8 inches of heavy snow which has added to the weight on what was already unstable ice conditions. With the depletion of shoreline ice and unsafe, unpredictable ice conditions, we at Sport Fish Michigan will be ending our 2017-2018 ice season.

With many anglers still hitting some area lakes, we are aware of the fact that there are still several bodies of water that have fishable ice. We hope that all anglers use the highest level of caution when venturing out to ice fish over the next couple of weeks. Thank you to all who referenced our ice report this season, we hope that the information was useful and gave anglers an idea of what the regions’ ice conditions and fishing were doing. We wish everyone a safe and successful spring!